Production processes
LaserTuber LT5

The Lasertube LT5 is equipped with a fiber laser source that allows to use a wide variety of materials such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, copper and brass, with maximum productivity and quality. It would also allow to work with high speed and precision


Three automatic cutting lines, consisting of a Bewo FCH-90-M machine and two Adige TS-72 machines enabling us to cut pipes of up to 90 mm diameter and different thicknesses from 0.8 up to 2 mm, with the possibility of laser cutting for items that require greater precision

Eleven lines

At our facilities we have eleven automatic perforating lines and a wide variety of tools. As a result, we can carry out perforating work on a myriad of pipes of different diameters and thicknesses, with different perforation patterns and adapting to customers’ requirements

Personalised finish

One of the possible finishes for perforated or un-perforated pipes is calibrating. We have three machines for calibrating or reducing the ends of pipes according to the customer’s requirements


Another type of finish we can manufacture is flaring or belling. Thanks to our C-100 and AST machines, we can provide the finish desired by our customers

Different types

We have two 125 and 160 tonne presses for manufacturing different types of item, ranging from resonances, fully or partially throttled pipes, or for performing special perforations

Pipe bending

We have two lines: a BLM FNC 2000R and a EURO 63 CN3, with the possibility of perforating the pipe once bent, thus eliminating breakages and deformations. We have checking tools to ensure that the final product meets your specifications

Various finishes

With the help of the AST DNC 20 SB machine, at Met Tecno 2000 we can apply a wide variety of finishes to pipes and thus satisfy the needs of the client in each of the projects that requires pipe-shaping


At Met Tecno 2000 we have a ridge locking machine for securing inner pipes to silencer covers by expanding the pipe over the cover; a perfect finish for those projects that require it