Quality and Environment
Integrated management policy
Met Tecno 2000 seeks to meet the needs and expectations of its customers, while complying with legal or regulatory requirements that may be applicable and those required by the customer, striving at all times to achieve a constant improvement of processes and products. By its commitment to the environment, it seeks to ensure that the processes and procedures needed to carry out its activities cause as little environmental impact as possible.
This Integrated Management System implemented in Met Tecno 2000 is based on the requirements of Standard UNE – EN ISO 9001:2015 ‘Quality management systems. Requirements’ (determines the requirements for a Quality Management System that can be used for internal application) and Standard UNE – EN ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental management systems” (international standard of environmental management applicable in any organisation).
Reviewing and communicating
The Management Policy is reviewed periodically and is in accordance with the General Policy of the company and with the changes that may occur in the organisation. The Management Policy must be adopted and understood by all levels of the organisation, for which purpose: it is communicated to the staff of Met Tecno 2000, by way of talks and meetings; it is posted on the company’s bulletin board; and it is also available for third parties.
The following are needed in order to achieve these requirements:
Supplying products that meet the expectations of the customer (in the agreed amount and by the agreed deadline)
Quality and safety
Developing a Management System designed to increase the levels of quality and safety of products and processes, by providing the necessary resources for this purpose and in order to minimise the risks to our employees, customers, users and to the environment
Effects of the processes
Preventing, controlling, and minimising the effects that processes produce on the environment, while constantly seeking new methods to reduce them. For this reason, Met Tecno 2000 has committed itself to attaining a state of continuous improvement in environmental and pollution-prevention matters, while complying with current the legislation and regulations that are applicable
Added value
Orientating the organisation towards added value, via the attributes of our products and services, our image and prestige in the market and our relationships with customers, including first team customers such as our regular customers
Measuring and analysing the results of products and processes, acting wherever necessary to thereby ensure that we constantly improve in terms of quality, service, cost, technology and environmental impact
Involving our suppliers so that, with their help, we can succeed in achieving our goals more easily
Involving every employee of the organisation, motivating them and encouraging awareness so they can embrace the company’s commitment in its entirety and participate in improvement programmes
Commitment to quality
ISO 9001:2015

Quality management system conforming to Standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015

Further information
ISO 14001:2015

Environmental management system conforming to Standard UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015

Further information
IATF 16949:2016

System for implementing ISO 9001 for series production in the automotive industry

Further information
Focus on processes

Met Tecno 2000’s quality and environment system is oriented towards processes, because a focus of this type emphasises the importance of:

Understanding and complying with the requirements, both those of customers and legal ones
The need to consider processes in terms that provide value
Obtaining the results of the performance and efficiency of the process
Constant improvement of processes based on objective measurements

Met Tecno 2000 distinguishes three types of processes:

Strategic processes: are those that provide guidelines for all other processes. They are carried out by management or by other bodies
Fundamental processes: having an impact on the customer by creating value for them. These are the company’s essential activities. Of particular importance are the checking of materials received from our suppliers and the quality of the final product
Support processes: these provide support for other processes

Activities that form a part of the processes are associated with certain managers responsible for their proper implementation as well as the completion of records that make it possible to show the results, analyse them using the appropriate indicators, and decide to take action in order to ensure that the system improves constantly. The system established by Met Tecno 2000 for constant improvement of the quality management system follows the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle.

Metrology room

At our facilities we have a metrology room in which we carry out all the tests and measurements needed to ensure that the final product meets the customer’s requirements and expectations. We have a FaroArm measuring arm with which we carry out measurement reports in 3D for those items that are difficult to check and for all those that our customers request. In addition we have a scanner for digitising pipes, and a wide range of micrometers both for inside and outside measurement. On the other hand, at the machine we work with pass/no pass gauges for checking in-situ during production.