Adapted to the customer
At Met Tecno 2000 we supply our products using the Kanban system, with a security stock to deal with possible contingencies. This model is a card-based system of synchronised control and scheduling of production. These cards transmit the manufacturing orders between the various work stations. They can contain different items of information (name, part code, origin, place of manufacture, quantity, the place where the items made will be stored, etc.). This system ensures the restocking of only the material sold and reduces unwanted stocks
We have intermediate warehouses between some of our customers in order to supply any product based on the Just in Time (JIT) philosophy, a production organisation system of Japanese origin, also known as the Toyota method, since it was this company that began to develop it. This system formulates a very simple principle: “produce only what is required and when the customer requests it”. To do so it is necessary to transform the productive operations into continuous flows, without interruptions, in order to provide the customer only with what they need, with particular emphasis on reducing preparation time